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A Dollar that is not moving is a dollar that Losing

Life is not always sweet even a shark can drown if it go's to deep,

anything you abuse you lose you have to rewrite the rules if you really want to escape the financial blues.

No one will tell you this it take guts to leave the ruts.

Stop having money for cigarette and booze,

if you want your financial life to change you have to choose.

No matter how deep you fall you have to answer your own call.

You don’t need a savior if you want to level up you have to change your behavior.

Stop thinking that you don't deserve success, you just have to put your best foot forward and start to invest.

Target shares jump more than 17% after retailers post big earnings beat, even as sales fall again Earnings per share: $2.10 vs $1.48 expected its up 36.3 percent from 1.54 in 2022 Nov 15,2023. Earnings grew to 971 million in the third quarter aided by tight inventory and expense management. Revenue 106.89 Billion in twelve months ending October 28, 2023.

Target its a parking garage for money. Money has a steady flow you park your money in places like Target if you want it to grow. Don’t put your all into a 40-hour work week, that's just 40% of your complete effort. And you wonder why you are not stinking rotten rich. If you want have more you have to do more.

Don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes you are going to f--k up again in the future.

We all want finanical security and a plan that is bullet proof.

Welcome to Market Hawks where we speak the economic truth.

When you have the ability to be "rich "damn it you have to take your chance.

You are in America where your circumstances can change.

You just have to do something to change them.

Other countries may be dropping the dollar, which means you have to increase your

purchasing power.

DraftKings raised its fiscal year 2023 revenue guidance to range of 3.67 billion to 3.72 billion from the range of 3.46 billion to 3.54 billion, which the company previous announced on August 3, 2023. The Company's updated 2023 revenue guidance range equates to year-over year growth of 64% to 66%.

26% percent of families income is being spent on care giving needs. Investors brought up 26% of single family homes inventory. The number of new apartment units being build is at a 50 year high with more than 460, 000 being complete in one year.

If you ever want to change and be legit you have to change your habits and stop doing poor people sh-t.

You have to invest your money! It should always be working for you.

Ever hour counts the time that you waste is expensive.

The key to building wealth is small consistent investments

The United State Economy is worth 25.46 trillion

China Economy is worth is 24.3 trillion

Japan Economy is worth 5.4 trillion

Germany is worth 5.2 trillion

India Economy is worth 5.0 trillion

Russia's Economy is 1.4 trillion

These are just something's you should be thinking about as you shape your financial future going into 2024. The longer you wait is the longer it will take.

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