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A Good Economic Balance Allows Your Skills to Meet the Challenge

Updated: Apr 27

Some things have to be understood. Have you listened lately? Maybe you should! 

Now tell me we were wrong when we gave you First Cash Pawn. Even though you may not have listened, we told you all about the money they were pissing. Some of you still need proof that MarketHawks is the economic truth. Well, we are not leaving so you can just keep reading. In times of trouble, First Cash is a place your money can double. Pay attention to the game and how we play. If you follow MarketHawks closely, you may be just one story away from changing your financial condition. But the real question is did you listen? We gave you FCFS on April 4th at $124.87. Price at the time of this writing: (FCFS) $132.05.

We don’t want you to get upset now and then later on find yourself wanting to holler after learning that investors are stealing quality stocks for pennies on the dollar. The time you are wasting is a straight violation. Even though we don’t all start from the same place, you want to move smoothly and not be on a chase.

This is Wall Street, so you may not be hip. FirstCash Holdings' Institutional Ownership is 80.24% so why are they not talking about it?

Even when the markets are collapsing you have to maintain a market presence. You want to make sure your available funds consist of more than a wallet full of dead presidents. At MarketHawks we're sure to keep you informed of what’s happening before it happens.

We tend to service your flavor whereas Wall Street collects and tells you all the good news later. You are being played because the money has already been made by the time they start talking about it. Right now, you may not understand it fully, but your pockets are being run by the secret bully. Wall Street's talking heads are telling you to sell while they're doing the opposite and putting in bids. 

We don’t care how foul life can be, you have to become your own insurance:

self-insured policy

Even if your losses look gigantic, there's no need to panic

  1. Challenge your Fears 

  2. Dollar Cost Average if you believe in the company

  3. Play Dead

  4. Diversify

  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose

  6. Look for undervalued companies 

  7. Look for Recession Proof industries 

  8. Short the Market 

To make sure you don’t have a hard landing, when choosing stocks to invest in, always make sure you have a solid understanding. You should understand the company and what they do. And if you're unable to explain that, that particular company may not be the one for you.

Different levels of success should be measured. After all, we gave you Weatherford International, but the question is did you act? This is another company that is packed with profits, but we'll ask you again: did you buy it? MarketHawks not only keeps you relevant. It gives you the advantage of having early Intelligence; The very same intelligence that the head honchos on Wall Street exploit every day. On March 28th we gave you WFRD at $116.90. Price at the time of this writing: (WFRD) $126.10.

Here is another tip just to keep things in check. Let us tell you about the "CNBC Effect". 

Here is something profound that you may not have heard of until now. High-powered Wall Street traders, analysts, brokers and even hedge fund managers have used the CNBC Effect to make their clients huge sums of money in a very short period of time.

Forget your growing pains. We've seen the CNBC effect produce gains of 33% in as little as 24 hours, and as much as 61% in a few days. Top brokers and traders love it when they hear that their interview aired or is set to be featured on CNBC. This is called prime coverage.

Having the wherewithal to know that the company will be covered, they’ll buy shares of the stock in the morning and sell them after the interview. Most people don’t have a clue. It's  not a crime and oftentimes generates a quick 15% to 45% in gains. Thanks to MarketHawks you don’t have to work on Wall Street to successfully use the CNBC Effect to you advantage.

Weatherford International's Institutional Ownership is 97.28%. This is not a "meme stock" as they would say. This is where the stinking, rotten, rich come to play.

When the game is being played, you never hear about where the real money is being made.

Some of us may get it. Some of us may be just a little behind. Here's another question for you. What the hell were you doing in 2009? We can tell you about some people that were super fine. The action was heavily packed and hedge funds roared back.

Massive Pure Profits: Top Hedge Fund Manager Pays in 2009

1.David Tepper $4 billion Appaloosa Management

2. George Soros $3.3 billion Soros Fund Management

3. James Simons $2.5 billion Renaissance Technologies

4. John Paulson $2.3 billion Paulson & Co

5. Steve Cohen $1.4 billion SAC Capital Advisors

6. Carl Icahn $1.8 billion Icahn Capital

7. Edward Lampert $1.3 billion ESL Investments

8. Kenneth Griffin $900 million Citadel Investment Group

10. John Arnold $900 million Centaurus Advisors

11. Philip Falcone $825 million Harbinger Capital Partners

Now do you understand why you must be part of our investing crew? Truth be told, we have only shared this with a select few.  No matter what they say, the big boys have to get back in the market anyway. Even though we didn't leak it, this is not our best kept secret.

If you want to get in on the action, let MarketHawks serve as your financial brains. We notify our readers of outstanding buy and sell opportunities creating extraordinary windows for huge gains.

MarketHawks… where we stalk the Market

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Apr 26

MoneyHawks, your insight is astute. It is evident that financial markets operate in a manner where pivotal information is often disseminated after significant gains have been secured. This practice underscores the existence of a concealed influence dictating market behavior, effectively manipulating investor sentiments. The discrepancy between public advisories urging divestment and the clandestine actions of market insiders, who opportunistically capitalize on undervalued assets, underscores the asymmetry of information prevalent within Wall Street circles....... Stephanie G

Ed Murray
Ed Murray
Apr 28
Replying to

In truth, it is one thing to be an investor, but it is whole different level to understand the game itself. So, the goal is to educate the average investor into a savvy investor to equalize the playing field.


Carlos Bass
Carlos Bass
Apr 25

Great information being shared!!

Apr 26
Replying to

Agreed. Not only is this good, valuable information but as mentioned, this is just a taste of everything they DON’T want you to know. So many people are reluctant to get into the market due to fear of the unknown and a basic lack of knowledge with regard to the market itself. KNOWLEDGE is everything, and this article dropped some gems!

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