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America Is In a Mess, Even the Dead Can’t Get Rest

We hate to trigger your trust but right now investing is a must. You need to get that good ol' financial lust.

There's no need to rob them. The council says about 2.5 million adults have a severe gambling problem. We can see the money coming in in one gigantic pile. The other 5 to 8 million people's gambling habit is considered mild. Gambling is the new legal drug and MarketHawks is the plug. DraftKings is a long-term play. This company is here to stay.

All bets are off. You better change your plan, because you damn sure don’t want to end up where you're going to land. If you ever want to have anything you have to reach a level of financial maturity. If predictions are correct, by 2037 there will be no more Social Security. 

Even the dead are shaking their heads

Losing money gives everyone a bad feeling. America’s debt is $34 trillion. But that's not the worst news yet. America pays $2 billion per day just on the interest of its debt.

Quarter Revenue Growth of 53%. Net loss: $142.6 m (loss narrowed by 64% from 1Q 2023). $0.30 loss per share (improved from $0.87 loss in 1Q 2023) DKNG price $42.81. Now it's an all out buy.

We are not going to fall off the cliff, but there will be a major shift as a lot of central banks are moving away from the dollar. Apparently, they want gold-backed currency.

Your agenda is to not get distracted

They must be out of their minds. You can’t expect people to vote for your success when they are struggling and depressed. Although many messages in life are subliminal, please don’t get distracted, because both candidates running for office are criminals. But you shouldn't be bothered. You'd be better off focusing on your money and giving your attention to the market. 

Rolls-Royce: It's an unseen, money-making force. There's no need to shout "eat your hearts out." This company has been steadily building up its clout. The question is, are you ready? Rolls-Royce is steady raking in the dough. Its underlying profits topped $2 billion and it aims to quadruple. This is not just the bread. It's the entire loaf. Last year, in profits, RYCEY reported 143% growth. You can change your life today with this one. This is a pure play full of profits. We gave you the ball. Now it's up to you not to drop it. (RYCEY) price at the time of this writing $5.29.

Everyone else's money is growing at a much faster rate

You were just beginning to think that you were winning and everything was funny. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but you probably lost out on your twenties. How is that? That's ten years of non-investing which is a total loss that's going to cost everyone in the end.

While you're out there checking out them Christian Diors, everyone else’s money is growing faster than yours. You are constantly losing time. The dollar is getting weaker and things are not getting any cheaper. But you still have time to save yourself. The best way to keep your dollar afloat is by strapping up and putting it in the investing boat. 

You probably thought it was just cars, but power systems for ships and submarines is where you'll find the green. Nevertheless, make sure you throw a hand in because Rolls-Royce Holdings is rapidly expanding. The BMW subsidiary is adding five new buildings. Construction is planned to start next year. You heard it from us first. Please don’t be scared to put your money here.

You have to know certain things

We've told you time and time again. Your money has to work for you. You cannot work your way to wealth. Stop making excuses and telling us about the bad weather. Sometimes you have to fall apart just to come together. 

Everyone wants to bask in the glory. Life is both the judge and the jury. Choosing not to get your investment game tight means you're choosing not to live right. Let us help you get over the financial strife. This is not financial advice. We're just trying to give you the tools to change your life.

Well guess what, we are not done. Have you ever heard of Sovereign Wealth Funds?

A Sovereign Wealth Fund is a state-owned investment fund that taps into a country’s cash reserves. The goal is to boost the country's economy and the well-being of its citizens through investments in stocks, bonds, real estate and other areas with growth potential.

This is beyond financial literacy. This is Super Liquidity.

Oh Lord, this is more money than God!

1. Japan Government Pension $1.374 trillion

2. Norway Government Pension $982 billion

3. China Investment Corporation $941 billion

4. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority $697 billion

5. Kuwait Investment Authority $592 billion

6. Federal Retirement Thrift $579 billion

But let's stop right there. This takes a level of financial maturity, and this just might be too much. When you begin to understand this level it's called a financial clutch. Stick with MarketHawks and soon you won't be needing too much.

MarketHawks... where we stalk the market

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