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Economic Maturity Leads to Financial Security

Dollar General has more stores than McDonald's and Walmart

It’s time to change the story. It does not matter if you are a business owner or an employee, you spend your whole life working hour after hour.

Now it is time to seize your economic power. Stop spending your money with people that you don’t want, with money you don’t have, and in places you don’t own.

There is nothing sadder than putting money into things that don’t matter. Stop renting uptown, and start buying downtown!

Invest in yourself

Third Quarter 2024 Revenue: US$9.69 (up2.4% from 3Q 2023)

Net Income: US$276.2m (down 48% from 3Q 2023).

Profit margin: 2.8% (down from 5.6% in 3Q 2023). The decrease in margin was driven by higher expenses.

EPS: US$1.26 (down from US$2.34 in 3Q 2023).

Earnings per share (EPS) surpassed analyst estimates by 4.4%

How do you abstract your wealth and pour it back into yourself? Everyone makes money off of You! Your future is at stake.

How do you participate in your own profit-taking Extravaganza? We all need a wealth master plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Ticker symbol (DG) $134.64 we are looking for Dollar General to hit $160.00 in 2024

You all love to share your personal business on Facebook, now it's time to share some of their Profits

Putting your money into places that matter… Please don’t tell us you don’t have it.

Russia’s economy is worth $1.7 Trillion

The World's Top Countries for Quality

Finland's economy is worth $271 Billion

Denmark’s economy is worth $397 Billion

Norway’s economy is worth $482 Billion

Black America Spent $1.6 Trillion in 2021

Have you heard about the million- dollar baby.?

Did you know if you invested 100 dollars a week for your unborn child at a 15% return rate by year 15 that child would be worth $270,745


Maturity Amount $270,745

Investment $72,000

Profit $198,745

Absolute Return 276.04%

Time Value Money

Where does money go and how does it flow? Money invested today can potentially grow into a larger amount

Income becomes capital and capital becomes wealth. You have to put your capital into assets to gain returns. Your job or business is just an asset that gives you income.

That money has to be put to work. Here are some assets to put your money to work.

1.America Stock Market Cap $45.5 Trillion

2. Real Estate MarketCap $47 Trillion

3. Gold Market Cap $13 Trillion

4. Apple Market Cap $3 Trillion

5. Microsoft MarketCap $2 Trillion

6. Saudi Aramco Market Cap $2 Trillion

7. Amazon Makeket Cap $1.5 Trillion

8. Silver Market Cap $1.3 Trillion

Facebook Meta Market Cap$948.79 Billion

Now buying Facebook stock Meta Platforms can only make things better for you and your family. This a buy-and-hold company. Ticker Symbol (META)$386.65 price

MarketHawks where we financially improve your future, and get you some Big Daddy green power.

Soft Bank has a 300-year plan, now it is time to get your finances out of the sand.

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