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Financial Hygiene

This ETF is pretty good ARKW(72.52)

You love to be fresh and clean, but what about your "Finanical Hygiene"?

There is no need to live in financial shame, it’s time to start playing the money game. You have to find your groove so we can keep things smooth for the family.

It’s time to pay up…

It’s tax season. Some may call it extortion, but not investing your money is equivalent to a financial abortion.

“Now, you know that money can’t “grow.” No matter how good you are doing, life is still a struggle. If you are financially blind you can’t see it. 

Walmart is doing split on the Fed 23 so this is a very good place to park your money to build wealth. This is a slow but steady wealth-builder

Ladies… you are coming up with $15K and $20k for your body, let's invest first!

We need you to hold off on that BBL and start looking for what assets are on sale. You have been through the financial struggle. You have been in the rain. Now is the time to become financially sane!

You want to get organized like the wealthy.

They have systems that maintain their wealth. If you want to get in the race, your money has to be in the right place structure-wise

1.Stocks 53%

2. Cash 20%

3.Bonds 16%

4. Real Estate 6%

5. Structured 4%

6. Other 1%           

It can happen in a year, but it usually takes 2 to 4 years of investing in the stock market to see a difference in your life. In 2021 the stock market and crypto created a million new millionaires 

Good Financial Hygiene Factors

1.Strong Economic Growth

2.Healthy Life Expectancy

3.Quality Social Relationships


5. Trust

6.Freedom to live the life that's right for them

By the way NVIDIA Market Cap Jumped $250 billion dollars yesterday day. What were you doing??

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