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Financial Possibilities

Updated: Apr 3

Although it is not our fault, it damn sure isn’t yours.

Even the kids know it. Everybody is rich and about to get rich all over again. The weight-loss drug game is on fire. Experimental drug helps patients with obesity lose nearly 15%. This stock has more than doubled. It's risky but very profitable. Buy at your own risk. (VKTX) price $90.48

Pay attention!! We would not want you to miss out on your blessing. Money never sleeps… more than $200 million dollars moves per second. 

Right now, Artificial Intelligence is the number one contender. Have you heard about Sam Altman in his new $7 trillion dollar chip venture? 

Time Value Money 

Had you invested $10,000 into these stocks 30 years ago, today it would be:

$62,329 $DIS Walt Disney

 $111,781 $WMT Walmart

 $203,986 $MCD McDonald's

 $231,962 $AXP American Express

 $249,635 $PZZA Papa John Pizza 

 $298,154 $CSCO Cisco

These numbers are healthy, but don’t panic because you want the bag. Sometimes different worlds can get much bigger. Have you ever heard of George Soros, the guy that pulled the trigger?

In 1992 Soros almost broke the Bank of England. In this particular trade, Soros made $1 billion dollars in a single day. You can only do this in securities and currency markets.

Time Value Money

Had you invested $10,000 into these stocks 10 years ago, today it would be:

$1,142,000 $NVDA Nvidia

$345,000 $TSLA Tesla

$132,000 $AAPL Apple

$114,000 $META Facebook

$109,000 $MSFT Microsoft

$91,000 $UNH UnitedHealth

$90,000 $AMZN Amazon

Excuse us… This was the end of 2023’s growing pains. This does not even count towards 2024’s gigantic gains.

These things are not possible to achieve by just working a job. See, we encourage you to keep your eyes open. It's important to understand how money flows and where it goes. 

We all want to see our money double, but what is your gut level? A lot of this information, we don’t expect you to know.  

Revenue grew 52.5% to $175.5 million as compared to $115.0 million in the prior year's quarter. Same store growth of 11.4% Profit of 39.3 million or growth of 70.7% over the prior year's quarter

Everyone wants to be healthy and have that youthful look. That's why CAVA restaurants are booked up to the tables. You think about the weight-loss drugs and Mediterranean dishes. This is a new phase. Everyone wants to superage.

CAVA likes to invest in their guests. We guess they mean what they are saying.

We just want you to shift your focus. While some of you are squatters.

We told you about CAVA twice, on July 19, 2023  and again on Jan 10, 2024.

This is not financial advice. Please don’t just go get yourself a bowl of Mediterranean rice. Make you some money in your sleep..... be the wolf, and not the sheep.

But faith lives in amazing times. This could be the first step toward gigantic profits that could make your net worth skyrocket. (CAVA) price $56.90 This is a game changer so pay close attention.

Another money maker... buy at your own risk but we are with all the sh-t

It's no need to lie. Multiplying your initial stake by 18 could be just the sweet beginning for you to start winning. If you are going to stick around, check out Sound Hound (SOUN) price $6.34

This thing is an eye-popper. It's hotter than a frying pan full of Vodka!

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Jay Powell
Jay Powell
02 mar

Great cover, Cava js primed for prime time.

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