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Financial Whiplash You can have $300K and still be lower Class

Never Serve Money

It just may be thundering outside and the sky maybe dark blue, but no matter what, always let money serve you! The lower class keeps score by cars and clothes.

The middle class keeps score by status, titles and degrees.

The rich keep score by bank accounts and free time.

The economic mature knows that a “dollar” that's not moving is a dollar that is losing.

“Most wealthy people do not work. The reason is they understand the principles of money.

Revenue was $56.5 billion and increased 13%(up 12% in constant currency)

Operating income was $26.9 billion and increased 25% (up24% in constant currency) Net income was$22.3 billion and increase 27% (up26% in constant currency Diluted earnings per share was $2.99 and increased 27% (up in constant currency)

Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Class

It is nothing more than a mental mindset! What good is a tool if you don't know how use it the proper way? Some people are sitting on large amounts of money not doing damn thing with it! Additionally, they are not happy.

Stop serving money and let money serve you.

We said it and we mean it. You have also seen it. Some of your friends have a couple hundred grand just sitting around collecting dust.

They are not doing anything but consuming material;

Spending money recklessly every where they go.

Unaccounted for, thousands just falling out of there pockets.

(MSFT) Price 398.90 We are looking for the long term returns on this one buy and hold.

For All It's Worth Things Could Get Better or Worse

By year 2050 the Black America's net worth will be worth zero. If you want to be your own Hero or Shero, here is your chance to save yourself.

Money Has a Spirit

Remember…you can never be rich or wealthy working for money. Money has to work for you! It’s the universal law of money. You have to understand assets,and asset classes, and investment vehicles.

The world's largest chipmaker Revenue for the quarter to come in at $15.2 billion, in-line with consensus estimates. This would mark an increase of about 8% versus the previous year.

Money has a spirit and you have to be in sync with the vibration. If you treat money badly and throw her away recklessly, she will surely leave you. If you treat money with care and put her in the right places, she will always be around.

Time is the most valuable asset on the earth.

Here at MarketHawks, we write this newletter because it is therapy to your financial health. It starts with you but, your mission has to be bigger than yourself!

You do not make money to buy things. You make money to make it grow

INTC) price 48.89 we are looking for it to hit 60.00 in 2024

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