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Financially Scarred? It's Time to Pull On Your Economic Bodyguard

When people talk about being wealthy, others look at them odd. Have you ever heard that anything you fear becomes your God? 

This company is the sh*t! Please don’t miss out on their upcoming and first ever split. CMG has made a lot of people stinking, rotten rich. In 2006, when going public, the price was $45 dollars. Today the price per share is $3,154.87. That reflects a return of 6910.82%. Had you invested $10,000 at the time, you would have profited a whopping $691,082 in less than 20 years. We are here to tell you that you better be in the mix when Chipotle splits on June 26, 2024.

The goal is to add equity to your years

The decline of wealth... we have to stop it. You definitely don’t want that disease running rampant these days called "Old Age and Empty Pockets." But let's keep it 100, even Benjamin got a big head. We doubt you know anyone who likes it when their finances are in the red. Most of you just can’t believe it.  When the markets are down, you have to be able to read it. You might not know it, but you sure as hell need it.

Chipotle (CMG). Institutional Ownership: 91.48%. The super-rich have their wealth parked here while most people are scared to invest even a penny. Don't be fooled. There is plenty. Sometimes good knowledge is hard to learn. Just imagine if you kept buying this during the downturns.

Never be overly concerned with getting rich in a hurry. Downturns in the stock market are necessary and are to be used to your advantage. Some of you may have been financially lost, but if you are reading this, you're on your way to becoming a financial boss!

What happens in the event that you get sick and can’t work? Even if you have a mean hustle, sometimes your boss might just be a jerk. How  does your  money know it can trust you? Will you just spend it? Or show it off? Or invest it? We're trying to help you to make better financial decisions because we don’t want you to become financially congested.

MarketsHawks, where we get you intelligently invested 

Well it does not get better than Meta. It's simply a for sure thing. If you want your pants pockets to hang, this is the place to be. You have to look at things with the right frame of eyes. When the market pulls back, it’s the land of opportunity and your chance to rise.

You have to earn while you learn

When you come from being broke to having money, we call it financial immunity. So when the markets have a downturn, it’s what we like to call equal opportunity. Why is that? Because the truth is, you can’t match the big Wall Street boys with buying power. Some of you may not yet understand it, but you have to take full advantage when the market goes down. 

Meta Platforms, Inc. (META). Institutional Ownership: 77.23%. You should be licking your chops and rubbing your tummy. It only makes sense to follow smart money. Following dumb money will do nothing but keep you spending, accruing high levels of debt, and living from paycheck to paycheck. Follow that dumb money if you want and what you'll find is your a** in one hell of a situation and your finances a total wreck! But you can always do better. One way to start is by investing each month and buying yourself at least a little bit of META. Price at the time of this writing: (META) $441.70

Have you heard of the legendary investor Peter Lynch who returned 29% annually between 1977 and 1990?

Peter Lynch turned $10k into $260k the old fashion way. He went on a hell of a run that might not have been so fun. 

Peter would not stop even when his fund dropped 

1.10% 15 times 

2. 15% 6 times

3. 20% 4 times

4. 35% 1 times

And was below its recent high more than 50% of the time.

Forget the hard landing. Everyone can’t be left standing. It’s our job to get you the holy financial word. 

Have you heard that Spotify's CEO has sold $176 million in stock this year as shares surge? Why is that you ask? Because Daniel Ek understands the wealth game. Household Wealth is at an all time high and it is lead by investment and ownership in stocks. Don't be mistaken. Other assets are great too, but stock ownership has led the wealth group in 2024:

*Household wealth is at $156 trillion

*Household wealth has gained $4.7 trillion


MarketHawks, we should not have to tell you anymore. Just this week alone, we shared with you how to get ahead and work to even the score. So will you stand on the side and watch your money continue to burn? Or will you jump in head first and watch your dollars earn while taking advantage of the downturns? The choice is yours, but rest assured, we're going to get ours and we're only going UP!

MarketHawks... where we stalk the market

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