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Finanical Heart Attacks

The world is filled with all different types of people. It is the lack of money that is the root to all evil.  Trust us, you don’t want to just get by. The price you pay for being poor is too high.

Money is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. The more you invest you will get there faster.  

It's time to start playing the game of wealth which requires you to have a high opinion of yourself. We know that some of you are financially scared.

Earnings per share (EPS):$1.05 vs $1.18 per share expected, according to Refinitiv

Revenue:$76.05 billion vs. $76.53 billion YouTube advertising revenue: $7.96 billion vs.8.25 Cloud revenue $7.32 billion vs.7.43 billion expected, according to street a count estimates. Don’t be fooled because they missed earnings this machine will always print money. ticker (G00GL) price 144.10

As the world shifts, the color gets greener. Join us as at Market Hawks,  this is your financial subpoena. 

This is what leads to up to financial Heart Attacks

Ask yourself a question : are you mentally and physically happy? 


If you are lucky you may have a little bit of wealth after working a job for 40 or 50 years. 

Do you have to go to work everyday with people who hate you?

Are you showing up every day to a job you hate? 

We teach you how to deal with your financial trauma which creates a lot of heart attacks and heart disease.

Expects 2024 U.S. commercial revenue to grow at least 40%.Compared with a 36% rise in 2023 Government revenue grew 11% compared with 23% jump a year

earlier. Prediction for 2025 is currently $23.43 Palantir finished the third quarter with 182 U.S commercial customers, up 137% from the prior year period. They continue to add customers at a good pace (PLTR) 21.71 as we speak This a buy-and-hold

Protect yourself at all times

 You have to let all of this soak in so you will not remain financially broken!

You can not job your way to wealth, you have to protect your financial and physical health.

The Heart Map Institute has been doing a lot of research on the heart. The Heart has some of the same abilities as the brains.

The heart is 5000 times more powerful the brain magnetically and 60 times more powerful electrically 

 We teach you how to deal with your financial trauma which creates a lot of heart attacks and heart disease.

Leading cause of death 

  1. Blacks 20.7% heart disease 

  2. Non-Hispanic white,Male,All ages 24.7% heart disease 

  3. The U.S Heart disease kills 695,547… people a year

  4. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women

  5. Heart disease was the number one cause for a third of deaths globally 

Patients with significant financial stress had a 13- fold higher odds of having a, myocardial infarction.

So we want you to have your money working for you it's a great feeling.

It's important to keep your finance on track so you don’t have a financial heart attack.

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