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Forget About Fairness... It’s Time To Enhance Your Economic Awareness

You have to know your sh*t and get it right, just like bees make honey to fuel their flight.

Sometimes you need to put your money on the things your love. A lot of you just started buying Hoka, but all of y’all have Uggs. So many of you have all the nice footwear but are not economically aware. The sad part is you have the fashion but none of the unearned wealth. And yet, you buy every shoe they put on the shelf. We gave you Deckers Outdoor Corp (DECK) months ago, but it still didn't help. This is easy money that’s legit. Opportunity is knocking because this company is about to split. 11/15 /2012 price $ 29.74. We gave you DECK on 03/04/2024 at $928.74. Price at the time of this writing (DECK) $1082.58

If you can’t SEE the money, you can’t BE the money.

We no longer want you to sing the financial blues. We want your mind to be in tune with the economic clues.  It's time to learn both the game and the rules. We need you to have a higher level of sense. We want your mind to be economically present. Even if you're broke, we need you financially alert. We're trying to help you put an end to years long financial hurt.

You need to know period

Revenue: US $4.29 billion ( up 18% from FY2023). Net income: US $759.6 million (up 47% from FY2023). Profit margin: 18% ( up from 14% in FY 2023).

You need to start building your financial army.  In case you didn't know, there are two different economies.

Life is a beautiful thing even though it's a hell of a clash. Still, it's even worse for the working class.  We told you all to place your bets. It is the King of Kings to own assets. You need to be able to sniff out financial opportunities. If you are not economically alert you won't be able to see financial disguises. Asset income allows people to earn new, passive income while prices are rising.

Stop living financially carelessly.

Now is the time to enhance your economic awareness.

This is not a pop quiz, but at the very least, you need to know what a stock is. Stop worrying about what athlete is the fastest and make sure you know what an asset class is. Stop worrying about what your favorite song is and make sure you know what a bond is.

Before you get up and run the streets with your same ol' crew, you need to know what the  federal reserve is and what they do. Before you teach your kids about who Santa is, give them a quick lesson on what supply and demand is. Just like your kids know what an iPhone is, they should also know what the Dow Jones is... Or better yet the Nasdaq. 

A dollar that's not working is surely a dollar that's hurting

You have to be economically aware and sniff out your target. Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) is very low key and relatively unbothered. They have been going to the bank and bringing home the money. You have to be economically aware of your surroundings, especially if you want your money to start compounding.

The Financial DNA of the rich people of the world

1.Investors 73%

2.Entrepreneurs 12%

3.Athletes 8%

4.Artist 4%

5.Employees 0%

Get out of your financial self-pity, and learn the power of liquidity.

Net income: US $114.1 million (up 50% from 1Q 2023). Profit margin: 6.1% (up from 4.4% in 1Q 2023). The increase in margin was driven by higher revenue. EPS: US $1.13 (up from US $0.73 in 1Q 2023). Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) price at the time of this writing $79.03.

If you want to have money galore, you need to know about the Standard & Poor's.

Stop worrying about all the bullsh*t you are chasing and increase your knowledge of market capitalization. Some things you just need to know, like where does money go and how does it flow. Before you can reach true glory you need to see the financial story... and you need to see it before it happens so you can cash in. You have to especially train your mind for economic action in order for opportunities to stop passing you by.

High levels of economic awareness in 2010

Where were you back when billionaire Thomas Kaplan was betting big on gold without traveling the yellow brick road? In 2010 he was betting $2 billion and looking to making a killing. At this particular time he was willing to lose almost every single dime. Why? Because his economic awareness was quite fearless. Kaplan had a deep belief that global economic instability could bring rising demand for gold. In other words, when investors get scared, they flock to hard assets like gold. Kaplan knew this from experience and knowledge.

Kaplan treated it like it was game of monopoly. He bought properties in 17 countries on five different continents. We had to share this to elevate your economic awareness. We want you to be able to spot financial opportunities.

There are 168 hours in a week , and if you think about it, you've already sold 40 of those hours just to eat. Now, you must become economically aware just to compete. There are two different economies, one in which they make money in their sleep. But we'll dive more into that at a later time. The whole situation gets pretty financially deep.

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