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Get Financially Fit and Stop Giving Up Your Sh-t

Updated: Mar 18

You would be rich as hell if you'd just put your mind under that good ol’ money spell.

The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations is the technology and AI gorilla. Nasdaq gives you safe exposure at a good price with an equal amount of chance to change your life. (NDAQ) price $60.03

This is the regime of all the technology ground-breaking, money-making machines. We all want to see some green. This company has been moving up at a steady pace.

You have to cut it out. Your money is moving in one direction and that's out!

Good grief! Stop letting all your capital be sucked right out from underneath. We would all love to change our lives in one day, but first you have to stop giving yourself away. 

Nasdaq has a good track record of beating estimates in the last quarters. It is a slow, steady grinder that will calm your fears. Return on equity was 21.6% in the trailing 12 months, better than the industry average of 12.4%.

God bless the children... Bitcoin's Market Cap is up $900 billion

Crypto makes young millionaires fast; it’s all just another asset class.

While investors are loving it, there's a government that is buying it up which is shocking because Bitcoin is not stopping.

  1. Cash

  2. Cash equivalents 

  3. Bonds 

  4. Derivatives 

  5. Equities 

  6. Real Estate 

  7. Commodities 

  8. Crypto 

  9. Alternative investments 

  10. Currencies 

  11. Fixed Income

You really don’t understand the power of all the hours you are working. It just doesn’t add up. All your financial dreams are broken.

It's all legit. We just need you to start daydreaming about all the money you can get. We must admit, the stock market is the lick. MarketHawks... where we teach you how to print that sh-t.

You have to learn how to scale. I bet you never heard of the London Whale. 

He was a bit of a problem. Let us tell you about him. Real money has an acquired taste. This has a lot to do with JPMorgan Chase and a $6 billion dollar case. "The Great Loss."  Bruno Iksil, a trader, had access to capital that most could never imagine. He lost $6 billion dollars in several positions. We just wanted you to understand access to capital and the potential of possibility.

The money in your pockets burns

Start thinking long-term

There is nothing hotter. We are going on a Money-Making Saga! Money is not evil. You just have to learn the rules of rich people. I know you want to know if it is  profitable. Just know the knowledge we are giving is unstoppable. 

It's a hit job. You're being financially robbed. Not being invested will always get you financially molested. You need your money to work as hard as you do. You can never get rich or wealthy if your money isn't working for you.

Right now you are paying the same amount of interest on your debt that you are paying on your mortgage debt. You're probably thinking this can’t be correct but it is.

Let us run this by your ears and eyes. Had you done this 30 years ago you could have capitalized.

Time Value Money

Had you invested $10,000 in these stocks 30 years ago, today it would be:

$308,259 $BBY Best Buy

$330,683 $DE Deere 

$346,595 $AFL Aflac 

$401,091 $HD Home Depot 

$441,381 $ADSK AutoDesk 

$452,322 $AMGN Amgen  

$688,820 $COST Costco

$2,931,477 $BIIB Biogen  

16% increase on organic revenue leading to a 12% rise in Annual Revenue to the sum of $2.5 billion. The company reported a strong Free Cash F low of $212 million for the year. Significant contract wins in government as well as anticipated growth in commercial operations, to include the medical business, were reported.

"Oh my gosh, you don’t own it?" We're talking about BWX Technologies where they make nuclear components. This company is on track to make a killing. It was just awarded $45 billion over 10 years from the U.S Department of Energy. Now that’s something for their competitors to envy.

Yes, we know you have questions. BWX Technologies even makes nuclear medicine. Just in case you get sick, this should be your secret pick.


"Don't tell anybody. Pay attention!" because this nuclear tech company Wall Street has not even so much as mentioned. What we are trying to do is get you in the game. If you want to do what we are doing, just mention our name: MarketHawks

BWX Technologies: Please don’t miss the boat. This company has one hell of a “MOAT” (BWXT) price $101.29

Oh, and by the way...

While you were sitting on your couch chilling, Jamie Dimon sold a portion of his shares of JPMorgan Chase in return for $150 million. And get this... he still has 8.9 million shares left valued at a whopping $1.6 billion.

Now that you understand where the rich store their wealth, take that game and use it for yourself. There's no need to roll the dice. This is not financial advice even though we're certain it could definitely change your life.

MarketHawks ... where we stalk the market

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