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In the Blink of An Eye”

Dec 05 2023 Super Micro Market cap was $14.69 Billion Feb 2024 Super Micro Market cap is $49.249 Billion

That's $27.55 billion printed in 60 days just one option contract for 60days would of gained you $54,300

Wallstreet Moves Fast

Super Micro Computer climbed from $267 per share to $810 in less than 2 months. I know you wish you could have seen it or been in it. The fastest a person can blink their eyes is 240 times in one minute. 

So many people are out here just trying to get by, but your whole life can change in the blink of an eye.

Yes the money, we all want to reach out and grab it, but nevertheless we must make consistent investing a habit. 

You have to stay on the hunt. When you are positioned correctly, you can get as rich as you want. 

John Paulson made $14 billion in 2008 on one single investment. It's the only place on Earth where you can do that. We call this the “Blessing Plan”.

Money Never Sleeps

You can only print $14 billion at once in the stock market. There are many places you can look:

1 MBA..

2 NFL..

3 NBA..

4 Entertainment..

5 Acting..

6 Rapper..

7 Singer..

I am sorry but you can’t find it in those industries 

All of the above is a person trading their talent for dollars, there are only so many tickets that can be bought at one time.

The money-printing machine

But yet in the stock market,if you are positioned right you can get rich on a dime. 

On average, about $300 billion are transacted in the US markets each day 

MarketHawks we are just here to sound the alarm we want you to get financially armed.

Arm holding IPO: Sep 14 2023 it's a chip designer 126.98 This baby will run

ARM holdings Market Cap jumped $38 billion in one day

Sometimes you have stand in the middle of the turmoil to get what yours, when thunder roars most people go indoors. Don’t waste your tears you have to face your fears. We all need a leg up on life.

Here is your chance

This chip company just will not dip, now this is what you call printing money got damn it. This is bigger than a bag.

This is a real money.

Forget all of the wanting and wishing pay attention to what you are missing. MarketHawks where we stalk the market. You need to get started

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