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It’s Time to Stack and Store: What’s Your Financial Rapport?

"Good morning class, are you ready for your next lesson? Today we're going to review how to win in the midst of a recession."

What's all the squawk about? Here is another energy giant that Wall Street never talks about. It's not just about taking action. You have to see it before it happens, and we just can't see this energy giant crashing. Get out of your feelings. This company is a beast in the oil and natural gas wells where it does drilling. Market Cap $8.4 billion; Net Cash provided by operating activities during the fourth quarter of 2023 was $375 million, up $203 million sequentially, and up $182 million year-over year; Adjusted Free Cash Flow of $315 million was up $178 million sequentially, and up $144 million compared to the fourth quarter of 2022. You can't lose, because Weatherford International has been on the move. (WFRD) Price $116.90.

The market tumbling is nothing but an opportunity for your money to grow, and if you make the right plays, there's no limit to where it can go.

Recession, by definition, is a time of economic decline, marked by rampant job loss, slowed industrial activity; a widespread struggle to survive. It typically lasts from 6 to as many as 18 months, and if you're not prepared for the ride, you're sure to take one hell of a punch. 

Now just imagine if you already had some money put aside. And we're not talking about your Emergency Fund, you don't want to put that on the line. Rather, money you've accumulated through decent habits in succession, but do you know what to do with all that green? That's really the question.

Most profits made in a single day by large companies

  1. Walmart $54 million

  2. Visa $ 54.6 million

  3. JPMorgan $ 100.9 million

  4. Exxon Mobile $ 111.1 million

  5. Amazon $ 121.9 million

  6. Nvidia $175.5 million

  7. Google $238.9 million

  8. Microsoft $ 246.2 million

  9. Apple $ 376.8 million

You just can’t keep your eyes off of your phone. Did you hear about the $14 billion Blackstone made off the Hilton Hotel?

In 2007 Blackstone acquired the Hilton Hotel, and the deal went well. Yes, a lot of you just might be thirsty. Blackstone called the name of the deal Project Murphy. It was named after Eddie Murphy who played the lead role in the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop, in part, set at the Hilton Hotel. Mergers and acquisitions are a transfer of wealth. Even if you still can't spot it, we think you'd agree that $14 billion is a hell of profit! Just like you spend time shopping on Etsy, spend a little time learning about private equity. While you all know Henry Ford, in the US, Blackstone is the largest landlord. They own over 300,000 units of rental houses in the United States (single-family homes 61,964)

So get ready for the ride and buckle-up tight, because the key to success here is to position yourself right. What may look like, to the untrained eye, as an epic fail, to the seasoned investor, is nothing less than assets on sale.

We told you before that patience equals profits, ever so important in this season, and now for the Pop Quiz to see if you understand the number one reason.

If your money's running low while everything is becoming costly, where can you go to make game-changing moves by playing real life Monopoly?

The market is simply one of the best ways to get your life together. So get involved with the legal financial heist. This is not financial advice, just a better way of living life.

We tried to put you on the

money-making course when we gave you


We gave you Rolls-Royce, but of course you didn't think this stock would pop. So let's run it back, and turn it up a notch. Right now, you can only picture yourself riding in the back, but MarketHawks is where you can get your financial hack. There's no need to stand on the side. Rolls-Royce is going on one hell of a ride. It's a sleeper and because of that, it's one of our keepers. Plus, the stock price is not getting any cheaper. You got it. Rolls-Royce is on pace to double its profits. (RYCEY) Price $5.33.

Your money doesn't need a break or a nap or a vacation; you do. Your money doesn’t get sick. If you've learned nothing else, you better figure it out, and get a financial grip!

Time Value Money

Had you invested $10,000 into these companies 30 years ago, today it would be:

$1,465,846 (SBUX) Starbucks

$2,293,477 (ROST) Ross Stores

You don't have to worry about AI. You just need to withstand the pressure and become one hell of an investor. Do that, and you'll be sure to earn an "A" in class every semester.

MarketHawks... where we stalk the market

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