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Justify Your Reason; This Is Your Economic Season

All lives are not equal. The people that do not learn how to use their minds will always be slaves using their behinds! Imagine this…

You’re walking down the street and trip over an actual bag of cash. Sorry forgive us, it will never happen that way. You have to learn the rules and become part of the most profitable event.

We want you to understand how money prints, and it’s much better when you become living evidence of how wealth is created. You have to learn how to print money.

There is no such thing as working your way to wealth.

We gave you Crocs on Aug 2023…. But you didn't believe it would PoP

Consolidated revenues of $1,045.7 million increased 6.2%, or

5.8% on a constant currency basis, as compared to 2022

Crocs Brand revenue of $ 798.8 million increased 11.6%, or

11.1% on a constant currency basis, as compared to 2022.

Crocs Brand growth was fueled by Asia revenue growth of 26.5%, or 28.6% on a constant currency basis, and North America direct-to- consumer (”DTC”) comparable sales growth of 10.2% as compared to 2022

HEYDUDE Brand DTC revenues grew 14.6% as compared to 2022

Yesterday Crocs updated their guidance.

Institutional Ownership 90.70%

Financially Fit

If you ever want to be fully financially fit, you have to change your habits and stop doing poor people shit. Do you know that you could have 300grand($300k) and still be lower class?

Quick Example

  1. $1,500 invested every month with a 15% return rate for 12 years

  2. Maturity Amount $605,377

  3. Investment $216,000

  4. Profit $389,377 thousand

  5. Absolute Return 180.27%

  6. MarketHawks' Goal is to do this in 36 months we speed the process up.

  7. Your investment would have grown by 2.80 times in 12 years

Something to think about ticker symbol (Crox)price is 103.94 we are looking for it to hit at least 130.50 in this year

We are looking for Cava to stabilize and move up at a steady pace this year

Is water really wet? Some people just don’t get it, yet the bill from regret is much more expensive than investing.

The story becomes very deep.

Let MarketHawks teach you how to cash in while you are asleep.

The 40 Hour work week

The 40-hour work week is only 40% effort. You may not move quickly; you may not have as much. What MarketHawks teaches is clutch. You can not spend your whole life working for money. Money has to work for you!

You have to turn income into capital and capital into wealth. How do you get out of the ruts?You need the downs to create the ups. It is no need to worry stocks move just like life.

Cava Revenue grew 49.5% to $173.8 million as compared to $ 116.2 million in the prior year quarter.

CAVA AUV of 2.6 million as compared to $2.4 million in the prior year quarter.

CAVA Restaurant-Level Profit of $43.6 million or growrh of 72.8% over the prior year quarter, with

CAVA Restaurant-Level Profit Margin of 25.1%, a 340 basis point increase over the prior quarter.

CAVA Digital Revenue Mix was 35.5%

CAVA Group Net Income $6.8 million compared to net loss of $11.9 million in the prior year quarter.

Institutional Ownership 66.45%

Understand the Game”

Yes you may have the car you want, the house, a husband or a wife, but “Economics “ is a sport called the game of life!

You may not be keeping score but the Federal Reserve sure does. Asian American households have more than 10 times the wealth of black households.

Median wealth in America 2022

Asian $536,000

White $285,000

Hispanic $61,600

Black$ 44,900

Source Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finance

It’s time time to put yourself in the race. Vision defines space”

We are looking for ticker symbol (CAVA) to hit 55.00 its at 42.52 right now.

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