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Left To Starve or Go Hungry... America Has Two Different Economies

The cost of living is going up and wages are off. Do you find yourself saying "If I die, please don’t bury me anywhere near my boss"?

We have been trying to save it, but this is one of our favorites. As long as you keep living, Lululemon (LULU) will keep giving. They counted them out just about two months ago. This company has a rhythm, and given the last 12 years, we just can’t forget them. This is one of the most consistent companies. They say that sales are slowing but in truth, this company never stops growing. Lululemon is good. They will keep you out the hood.

To do well nowadays is a big ask. So many suffer from a hurtful history and a painful past.

Economics dictates your quality of life. Even when times are hard, instead of changing yourself, some of you will pray to try and change  God. America has become a very different place, and if you're not careful you will be economically displaced. You have to give yourself permission to change your condition.

Full-year revenue increased 19% to $9.6 billion. Lululemon ended 2023 with $2.2 billion in cash and cash equivalents compared to $1.2 billion at the end of 2022. For 2024, LULU forecasts net revenue of $10.700 billion to $10.800 billion, representing growth of 11% to 12%. You can't lose with this one. Lululemon (LULU) Price at the time of this writing. $310.01.

Good grief, between 2023 and January 2024 the price of necessities has increased.

  1. Rent is up 6.1%

  2. Car insurance is up 20.6%

  3. Outpatient medical services are up 8.3%

  4. Non-prescription drug prices are up 9.2%

  5. Daycare and preschool tuition is up 4.7%

Asset Limit Income Constraint Employment

You may not be economically aware of this, but 40 million families fall in ALICE which refers to households earning above the poverty line but earning less than what's needed to get by.

We are all looking for that good ol' financial high. 

Why is there a homeless person on each corner? There is a different formula but you have to be on it. Now is the time to practice group economics. Trust us, it's a major component. With higher costs and sluggish wages, the economy is in a different phase. Not everyone is beyond it. What we're talking about here is good ol' strugglenomics.

Then you have a different aroma...

the asset owners

Who has their systems on repeat to successfully make money in their sleep? Asset owners. They pack a great deal of financial heat. When you own assets, you make money without selling your time out here working. Give it just enough time and we can assure you that you won't be financially hurting. 

By now, your stock picks should be getting much better. If you're paying attention, you'll notice we gave you NVIDIA in our very first newsletter (June 7, 2023). And if not, you have no one to blame. MarketHawks you owe us a thanks for giving you the game. NVIDIA walks taller than the trees and huffs and puffs on their competition at 1000 degrees. Everyone wants their investments to be right and we're here to tell you that NVIDIA is in the best shape of it's. life. Have you learned yet? NVIDIA is the AI connect. This is one of the best places to park your wealth.

Yes, you can’t get a raise and it may seem strange, but now you are in an asset economy, so you better learn the game!

How did we get here? We'll break that down a little later. It is important that you get a little bit of understanding of the financial weather. We hate to tell you this, but things are not going to get any better.

This is your time to switch because in case you haven't heard yet, NVIDIA stock just did a 10-for-1 split. This is your chance to get stinking, rotten rich. Nothing stays the same, but this thing here is a for sure thing. This is one way to secure yourself a ticket to the promise land. Without question, NVIDIA has a heavy hand in the game of wealth. (NVDA) Price at the time of the split on 6/10/24 $120.88.

Your money, you have to grow it

Asset classes, you need to know it


Cash Equivalents




Real Estate



Alternative Investments


Fixed Income

So what, you may have a fit. The truth of the matter is that of all the assets, the middle class owns only a tiny bit. It’s time to make the switch and strive to own assets like the rich. The future belongs only to those that are financially fit.

When the wealthy gain unearned income easy, the middle class gets done sleazy. And it's an arms race to the finish line. You can run and hide, but if you don’t participate, just consider it financial suicide.

Assets and resources are the key to the future. Money is nothing but a tool. It really doesn't have the value you think it has. Resources are much more powerful. Without a drop of water, there would not be another financial quarter.

Assets appreciate and gain equity.

Make sure you use your money respectfully.

MarketHawks... where we stalk the market

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