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Lost Gains and Unequal Exchange

Updated: Mar 19

A bulldozer can move a large amount of weight, and for some reason you continue to think that you can skate through life.

What’s your financial fate? Are you spending more than you make?  

Bees buzz 11,400 times per minute. It seems as if the whole world wears UGGs. It’s that footwear drug... come and get it! They have EVERYONE addicted.

Deckers Outdoor Corp has been chosen to enter the S&P 500 on March 18th. Fund Managers that track the S&P 500 will be required to get it for their fund. They have been a darling of MarketHawks for more than a decade. (DECK) price $928.74. We are looking for Deckers Outdoor Corp to split.

Time Value Money

Had you invested $10,000 into this stock just over 11 years ago, today it would be: $312,289

11/15/2012 DECK price $29.74; 03/04/2024 DECK price $928.74

Today's return would be 3022.86%. This is pure PROFIT

This is not financial advice. We just want to entice you to take control of your life. You deserve nothing less than the best. This is your financial test.

Four months ago DECK was just $550.96

It is dangerous not to have a financial base.

There’s no need to become financially sick. The future will be ruled by those who are financially fit. Stop giving away your resources on an unequal exchange and turn your losses into future gains. 

You have nothing to lose but sleep over a missed opportunity. MarketHawks is where you get Financial Immunity.

Progress comes slow, and we all stress when the funds are low. But here is a fact you need to know:


This was not a typo. We gave you SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC on Feb 15th at $810.00

Now it’s $1,155.00

There's no need to have a fit. We are looking for this one to split too. SMCI has also been chosen to enter the S&P 500 on March 18th. Fund Managers that track the S&P 500 will be required to buy both companies, DECK and SMCI. SUPERMICRO is a popular choice for companies looking to source a highly customizable data center server.

It's a steal and the growth is unreal.

Revenue rose 103% year-over-year to $3.67 billion. You can’t fight it. This stock has investors excited. SUPERMICRO is on fire even as we write this. They are expecting 188% to 219% growth in 2024.

This is not financial advice nor are we trying to run your life. Are you listening yet? Both companies are a good bet.

The forbidden crime:  The average American spends $3.3 million in a lifetime.

It may sound strange, but you are practicing "The Doctrine of Unequal Exchange"

1. Eating Out: $80 billion a year

2. Alcohol: $253 billion a year.

3. Entertainment: $158 billion a year

4. Lottery: $100 billion a year

5. Credit Card Fees: $120 billion a year

6. Footwear: $135 billion a year

7. College: $671 billion a year 

8. Waste Food: $400 billion a year

9. Streaming: $450 billion a year

10. Taxes: $2.33 trillion a year

Being uninvested, unbanked and unbudgeted is costing you dearly, and your finances are falling. Please stop murdering your darling. 

It's the same as watching your money burn. You are putting 100% into a relationship and only getting 20% returns. 

None of you would have expected what occurred in 2010. Goldman Sachs beats trading record

Goldman Sachs made at least $100 million in Net Trading Revenues on 131 days that year. Almost every other day earnings more than doubled to $13.4 billion in profits. This only happens in security and currency markets.

Buy at your own risk. It's your choice.

Here is another one for you: Rolls-Royce

You can’t stop it. This British aerospace and defense company more than doubled its annual profits in 2023. Now 2024 is here, and they are forecasting further momentum this year. Rolls-Royce not only makes luxury cars. They also manufacture and distribute power systems for ships, submarines and other industries, in addition to manufacturing jet engines for commercial aircraft.

Rolls-Royce posted an underlying operating profit of $1.6 billion ($2 billion) in 2023 as compared to $652 million in 2022. Noted the Top Performer in Britain’s FTSE 100 in 2023. The profits could so much as quadruple by 2027. (RYCEY) Price $4.71

Now it is time to stop making life hectic. Let's get that money invested! 

MarketHawks… where we stalk the markets

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