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Our Top Weekly Picks

1. DraftKings

You have to understand how money flows and where it goes. Bet your hearts out. You damn right Tina Turner could sing, but right now the real profit story is about Draft Kings. You have to see it before it happens. on May 4th DraftKings reported better than expected Q1 earnings and sales results.

The company lost 87 cents a share on sales of 769.6 million. Wallstreet was expecting a loss of 88 cents per share on sales of $704.3 million per Fact Set. Sales surged 85% vs the year-ago period. The company updated the 2023 revenue guidance range equates to year -over year growth of 40% to 44%. There is not a lot of news in the media about this company right now usually when companies quit it's for a good reason. Money is being made I foresee this company being profitable sooner than later.

2. Amazon

There are very few things in life that are absolute, but I have to tell you about a sure thing. No matter what whether you are white black red, brown, or yellow we all want to see some more green.

Some people work all day trying their hardest to find another way to make happiness possible. Here is some advice that could change your life. It's not always just talent that meets success, it is also true that habit determines success too.

For the next 1,095 days, I am going to put money into this company every month consistently

This company is a money-making machine. This is a multi Trillion dollar baby where most of you shop already.

Amazon is the king of commerce Webservices; $21.3 billion vs. 21.22 billion expected, according to StreetAccount.

Advertising: 9.5 billion vs 9.1 billion expected, according to StreetAccount.

Sales at AWS rose about 16% in the first quarter to 21.35 billion, above the 21.22 billion projected by Wall Street.

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