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Our Weekly Top Picks

The fastest way to wealth is to pay your self, it's not senseless that the same money that you pay your self has to gain interest.

How are you suppose to work 40 hours a week and your money is suppose to stay sleep?

A dollar that's not moving is a dollar that's losing.

You have to pay yourself

Money never sleeps, it's a current that keeps moving.

Money is a tool that has a job, and you need it working hard in your favor.

Americans credit card debt just hit a record 1 trillion dollars.

Nearly 25% of Americans owe more than $5000 dollars in debt.

AMD cash on hand as of June 2023: $6.28 billion on hand Revenue $5.4 billion USD for the quarter. Beating Wall Street estimates that on average called for$5.3 billion the came at $0.58 per share operating income was $1.1 billion, net income was $948 million AMD delivered strong results in the second quarter as 45th Gen EPYC and Ryzen 7000 processors ramped significantly. AI engagement increased by more than seven times in the quarter.

You have to find away to make money without labor, one of the most important decisions you can make is to have your money working for you.

Your financial future is not a joke.

What if I told you that bees can vote?

They have microscopic brains smaller than a grain of rice.

They are able to grasp complex social concepts like voting.

Even in the bee colony economics take place.

So you need to put your bid in the financial race

We all want to be healthy and a tab bit more leaner, the color today is much more greener.

This is your financial subpoena.

The heat seeking fires of Hawai already showed you that the world can be a bit crazy.

There are no astronomical returns for the mentally lazy.

This is about about cold cash gigantic resources a true sense of security.

We have to break the curse, sometimes the truth make things even worse.

Have you put your financial future first?

UEC carries no debt and 110 million of Cash. They have survived nearly a 10 years long nuclear winter. Rio Tinto also owns 4.2% of UEC Rio Tinto is one of the biggest mining and metal businesses in the world.Based on the Analyst average price target it has 107.79% upside potential. Earnings announcement Sep 29

It's never to late you have earn while you learn an this does not require your physical labor, you have to do your self favor and let your money work for you. This is not about trading hours for dollars.

You have to spend less earn more and invest. They are prediction by the second quarter of 2024 the American people will run out of money. Meaning they will not be able to swipe their credit cards. In other words, times will become very hard. So you will have to learn how to print money.

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