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Place Your Bets... There Is a Much Greater Threat

Updated: May 17

It's time to become financially upset, so your blood is more than welcome to boil. Just in case you didn't know, you have to learn how to drill your own oil.

Even a loser can be a leader among the lost, but this company right here is the boss. And it's no crime, they've been running this industry for a long time. Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) is the world's leading surgical robot maker. It may not seem fair but ISRG controls 80% of the market share. Some investors call this their forever play.

People are always willing to try to buy you. But do you know how to extract your own value? You have to leverage your own damn essence and make the financial markets feel your presence. MarketHawks, where we call it financial relevance.

Make sure you listen because Intuitive Surgical, Inc is in a monopoly position as the sole supplier of soft-tissue, robotic, surgical equipment. ISRG anticipates an increase in growth of 13% to 16% in world-wide procedures utilizing the da Vinci Surgical System. (ISRG) price at the time of this writing $399.50.

We all want peace and stability, but what you really need is financial agility

You have 157,680 hours from 0 to 18 years of age. Now, let's break down why it’s time to turn to the next page. You've already lost 157,680 hours in which your dollars could have been working, is that correct? Or do you still not get it yet?

We want you to think and use your mind. And on top of that, be careful about how you use your time. We know it sounds funny, but time is really money. You really don’t understand the dollar. The longer you wait the more you lose compound interest power. How much do you think you would be worth if someone was consistently investing on your behalf since the time of your birth?

Do you ever wonder why everyone has straight, white teeth? Well, Align Technology, Inc (ALGN) is the chief. And they've been at it for a while. This is the company behind all those nearly perfect smiles. They have been on a grind dominating the market for Invisalign.

Oh my, go ahead and work your hearts out, but that may not last too long.

Remember those super secure jobs in companies like Google and Walmart? Well now they want you gone! Just in case you didn't know, Google is laying off U.S employees and replacing them with lower-wage workers hired in India and Mexico instead. But it's not just Google as some of our largest companies are doing the same:

  1. Goggle 

  2. Walmart

  3. Tesla

  4. Microsoft

  5. Nike

  6. Amazon

Revenue: US$997.4 million (up 5.8% from 1Q 2023). Net income: US$105.0 million (up 20% from 1Q 2023). Profit margin: 11% (up from 9.3% in 1Q 2023). The increase in margin was driven by higher revenue. (ALGN) price at the time of this writing $280.32

It's truly a disgrace that people with college degrees are being displaced. School is great, but don’t believe everything that you see. You will never see a skilled sailor in a calm sea. So we are not telling you to forget your college degree, but we are telling you that the market is where you have to be.

Yes, you heard us right. Your job could easily disappear. Companies like Sansan Ramen in New York are hiring virtual cashiers. While you're sitting around worried about who's getting drafted to the next team, we need you to also be able to see the bigger scheme. You better start to financially train, so that you'll be capable of playing the real game.

They are hiring virtual cashiers from the Philippines

Just when you thought you were about to be the boss, they started hiring cheaper workers at a lower cost. This is "learning season." We are not teaching investing for no reason.

You need to get started because they're trying to outsource you out of the labor market

Job cuts increased from 84,638 to 90,309 in 2023. The technology industry continued to outpace other sectors in job cuts through the first quarter. They want your money supply to be shorter than an ICE agent's patience at the border. Announcing 14,224 job cuts in March and 42,442 since the year began. Stop being naive, thinking your employer is your friend.

Your money-making skills need to become flaming hot

Things NOT to do:

1. Have one stream of income from a job

2. Too much student loan debt

3. Avoid the stock market

4. Spend money like you already do

5. Choose to be financially illiterate

6. Keep credit cards maxed out

7. Rent from a landlord your entire life 

8. Choose bad and expensive relationships 

9. Raise kids without a good partner

10. Live above your means

You need to become your own savior and take a look at your behavior. Stop looking to your job as your clutch. Stay tuned to MarketHawks where you'll get your financial guts.

MarketHawks... where we stalk the market

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