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The Cost of Living Is a True Crusher... There Is No Need To Be an Economic Sucker

When you're broke, it hurts. Colored smoke is used to make daytime fireworks.

People are down to their last little bit. Are we wrong? You can’t even eat without taking a sh*t! Meanwhile, EZCorp is sitting on a grip, but Wall Street doesn’t want to let you in on this money-making trip. And that's exactly why they're not talking about EZCorp. They want you to risk everything to gain just a little more. Take it from us, investing in EZCorp will not keep you poor. You don’t have to invest everything. Just get in the game.

In the first quarter fiscal 2024, Ezcorp reported an increase in their net income coming in at $28.5 million, an increase of $11.7 million, or 70%. On an adjusted basis, net income increased $6.6 million or 30%. Total revenue and gross profit increased 13%; Merchandise sales gross margins remains within their targeted range at 36%; Pawn loans outstanding (PLO) were up 16% to $243.3 million. Return on earning assets (ROEA) remains strong at 165%.  This is not investment advice. EZCorp is still at a good price. (EZPW) $10.89

Sorry, the cost of living is not dropping. Whether you know it or not, investing is not an option. We hate to tell you this, but Santa is not bringing no damn stockings! The bag is empty and the economy is chopping. We want you to start watching what you do with your money.

It's time to check your financial health. US billionaires' wealth is up 88% since 2020

This is not a gimmick. The wealthy have gotten richer since the pandemic. Here is a lesson that you never got. The top 1% own half of all individually owned stocks. But hold on, we're just getting started. We're not done. The top 10% own 87% of all stocks and mutual funds.

The US now has 737 billionaires with a combined wealth of $5.529 trillion, an 87.6% increase of $2.58 trillion, according to the Institute for Policy Studies

1. Elon Musk 2020 wealth $25 billion; 2024 wealth $188.5 billion

2. Jeff Bezos 2020 wealth $113 billion; 2024 wealth $192.8 billion

3. The Walton family members Jim, Alice, and Rob combined assets rise from $161 billion in 2020 to $229.6 billion in 2024.

4. Mackenzie Scott 2020 net worth $36 billion; It has now declined to $35.4 billion (2024) due to her aggressive giving to charity.

Some people will clash with this, but what you do with your money determines your future happiness. You have to get rid of all your spending devils. Pawn shop inventories are at very high levels, in fact, the same levels they were at in 2008 before the market crashed. Things are getting rough. High levels of pawn shop inventory means fewer buyers than sellers due to lower income. To put it simply, America's times remain tough.

The information that MarketHawks is giving you is financial crack. The truth of the matter is that people are pawning their sh*t and not coming back. The pawn shop's average loan is 30 to 90 days. All in all, people are choosing to just part ways. 

FirstCash Holdings may be a true gift

Buy at your own risk

You better get it before it's gone. First Cash Pawn Shop just won’t stop taking all inventory. Some may be legit; others, maybe not. But you might want to keep an eye on this stock because it is hot, up 28.8%. This is your real hint as to where the economy is going. People will act so devastated over their valuable. They'll tell you they lost it, when the real truth is that they pawned it because they are financially exhausted.

Gross revenue surpassed $3 billion for the first time reaching $3.2 billion for 2023, a 15% increase on a GAAP basis. Net income rose 13% on an adjusted basis compared to the prior year. EBITDA for the full year was $512 million, marking a 17% increase from the previous year. The company expanded its stores count to 2,997 locations with the addition of 157 pawn stores in 2023. Positive outlook with expected growth in revenue and earnings across all segments. Here is your economic kit so you don't get financially abused, and here's the best part: it's recession proof. FirstCash Holdings, Inc Price (FCFS) $124.87.

The real truth is that the pawn shops are only short on space which means that people don’t have any money. Here's a little fact that may make you want to holler: The average American doesn't even have $1000 dollars.

The stock market is the game you must play. The jewelry stores are doing ‘no money down’ layaways as we speak. Trust us, we were just there last week. My brother walked out with $1500 dollars worth of merch with just a $53 dollar down payment. And we kid you not, he gave it up with no hesitation. This showed us pure desperation in the jeweler's eyes. See, he had to make the sale given that there's really no one to buy. And the real gift is that if he pays off the principle in a year or less there is absolutely no interest.

Time Value Money

Had you Invested $10,000 into these stocks 30 years ago, today it would be:

$7,869,919 $AAPL Apple

$20,744,444 $MNST Monster Beverage

Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. At MarketHawks we want you to hit all of your financial targets. We don't want you to be part of the flock or the sheep.

You can start investing with just $50 dollars a week

We've all had enough strife. This is not financial advice.

Market Hawks... where we stalk the market

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Ed Murray article, "The Cost of Living Is a True Crusher... There Is No Need To Be an Economic Sucker", gave me pure insight into how and why investments with "Pawn Shops" is a good idea. I I never thought about "Pawn Shops". Therefore, I'm glad I came across this article. Stephanie G.


I agree. Never once considered the vitality of the pawn shop business in this economy, but it all makes perfect sense given the needs of people. People are literally scraping to survive with the price of everything going up.

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