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The Economic Truth Will Keep Your Kids Out of the Financial Noose

Updated: Apr 12

When fire hits ice, it is sure to melt. Your faith is no good until you believe in yourself!

This mining company is totally relevant. Freeport-McMoran can put pants on a elephant. Some analysts said being profitable was impossible, but Freeport-McMoRan rumbled back. Fourth quarter profits and revenue beat Wall Street projections. Copper volumes exceeded their earlier estimate. We gave you Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) on June 28th, 2023 at $38.75. It's currently up almost 33%. We told you FCX was a mainline hitter. The question is, did you pull the trigger? Freeport-McMoRan is trying to live again. The company pays a quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share. This is a position that you'll have to play by ear. Make sure you hear this. We typically use commodities to hedge against the dollar so don't go popping your collar. This is a company you can hold for 3 to 6 months. This may sound strange, but when the news changes, you change with it. (FCX) price $51.51

If money comes too fast, some people may faint.

Why waste a prayer asking for a dollar, when you should ask for the whole bank?

“Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered"....  but what about your daughter? Her life is in your hands, so what is it that you've taught her? Imagine changing the trajectory of your child's future so that she never has to slave a day in her life. And knowing that the decision you make in her interest today is the reason she'll be alright. 

Revenue was $5.91 billion for the quarter, compared to analysts expectations of $ 5.85 billion. Freeport- McMoRan has a return on equity of 8.41% and net margin of 8.09%. Net Cash $3.6 billion

Here is some real financial crack that most of you won't remember, the 2008 collapse of two of America's major investment banks: Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns

What do investments banks do?

  1. Mergers and Acquisition. Charge fees to act as advisors for spinoffs and mergers and acquisitions.

  2. Assets Management. Serve as direct asset managers to large clients.

  3. Underwriting. Process of evaluating risks to protect investors, banks, insurance agencies and other financial institutions.

  4. Investment Research. Process of analyzing a company’s market positions to assess the investment.

Let's just keep it plain and simple. Despite the collapse of these investment banks during the financial crisis and recession in 2008, Bear Stearns CEO James Cayne walked away with a bank roll of $388 million. We bet that was more than enough to take care of all his children. You might be going through it, but Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld walked away with $541 million. Some may say that's just the life of a banker.

Investing in our seed is the greatest investment we can make, second only to ourselves. So why not make good investments in assets, instead of making other people rich by wiping out their shelves? We all know the needs of our kids never stop. So why not be proactive and learn a different way to shop?

You can't beat it. Lidar is undefeated. The bank will only lend you money if you don’t need it. Sorry, even if you don’t get it, Elon Musk admitted it. Lidar is a crutch for autonomous vehicles. This vision technology will attract the largest eyes of the bunch when you are taking an autonomous taxi to lunch. We gave you this gem way back on June 7th, 2023. Missing out on this lidar monster's profits will sure haunt you. Then (OUST) price $4.91. Now (OUST) price $8.79. Had you listened, you could have been rich. We're not going to keep telling you this sh*t!

We've told you repeatedly that working hour-for-dollar is not going to cut it. INVESTING is the way to wealth. Otherwise, you're just losing in the rat race, all while sacrificing your own financial health.

But now, Elon is changing his tune. Even he believes Ouster is the Lidar Goon. This company is sure to emerge as the lidar leader. OUSTER, this company is bound to pop.

If you invested $300 dollars per month for your 1yr old child for 15 years at 15% compounded:

Investment: $54,000

Profit: $149,059

Maturity Amount: $203,059

Absolute Return: 276.04%

In taking care of our kids, we've all sung the blues. Here at MarketHawks we're just trying to show you a different way to fill those shoes. Look, we know there's no guidance or blueprint to being a parent, but you damn sure have control over whether your child starts off with good money habits and an inheritance.

At MarketsHawks we are not trying to tell you what to do. We just want to show you a better way of making your money work for you...

And consequently, your child too!

MarketHawks… where we stalk the Market

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