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The Financial Equalizer

You have to get started you are down 20 to zero

It’s time to take your financial stance. If a rich man can't get into heaven then a poor man doesn't stand a chance!

It's time to start sprinting up the mountain. You can't swim when you are drowning. There is nothing more powerful than when your money is compounding.

Let's get started so you can set your pace. Please don’t let them fool you and tell you this is not an economic race. It's time to put on your game face!

Last earnings from third quarter September 30,2023. Net sales increased 13% to $143.1 billion in the third quarter, compared with $127.1 billion in third quarter of 2022, The company’s e-commerce sales, category which calls online stores recorded $161 billion in revenue. (AMZN) 156.79 this stock will set your whole family free.

America is the place you change your financial life

The people at the bottom feel the pain the worse. Now is the time to get yourself financially immersed. 84% of the top tech companies in the world are American. Black Americans are the fastest-growing group of stock buyers. Nearly 40% of Black Americans owned stocks in 2022. 

During fiscal 2023 total revenues of $611.3 billion. Which was comprised primarily of net sales of $605.9 billion They just announced that it will conduct a split of its outstanding shares of common stock at a ratio of 3:1 (WMT) price of 166.39 it's a wealth builder for your family

Everything in life comes with a cost. Goldman Sachs predicts 300 million jobs will be lost. Artificial Intelligence is pretty much the new software. 

Jobs will be lost do to AI in ten years


2. Factory Worker…

3. Cashier…

4. Driver…

5. Travel Agent…

6. Bank Teller…

You have to stop and think about this

You can forget it. Go ahead and take the day off. It's a Tsunami of layoffs coming! 38% percent of business leaders surveyed by Resume Builder think layoffs are likely at their companies in 2024. 

40% of respondents said they’ll have to conduct layoffs as they replace workers with AI.

Top-heavy tech companies like Dropbox, Google, IBM, Microsoft, eBay, and SAP.

Most people are not happy with their lives

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a shit ton of money. 87% of the human race is unhappy because they don't have what they believe that they deserve in life.

It's not what you deserve, it's what you earn!

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