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The Hour of the Dollar

It all about a mind set, do you truly understand the game?

Are you able to process information during pain?

Your wins and your losses you have to own it, most importantly make sure you hoard the moment.

Last year 90% of Wallstreet lost money.

Don't get too comfortable it is time to become economically responsible.

You need income so you can turn it into capital, an capital turns into wealth.

A Leader in A.I.enabled robotics technology for supply chain. September 30, 2023. Symbiotic posted revenue of $392 million,a net loss of 45 million and adjusted EBITDA 13 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023. In the same quarter of fiscal 2022, Symbotic had revenue of $244 million, a net loss of $53 million, and an adjusted EBITDA loss of $20 million. Cash, cash equivalents, restricted cash and marketable securities on hand increased by $35 million from the prior quarter of 2023, to $ 548 million at the end of the fourth quarter. 2023 for the full year was tremendous growth and progress for Symbotic

Sometime we like to indulge in pure foolishness and say that money does not matter,and we think that things just may be out of reach for us. Why does Obama charge 400,000 Grand a speech? The color is green.

It should not take us long to convince you that economic self-defence is much needed, the lack of money is the root to all evil.

We know that we both share the same hatred of being broke.

Things are just not what they seem 80% of America can’t afford the American dream.

The rules and the landscape have changed.

Your perspective determines your agenda all lives are not equal the objective is to create value.

Value is what the world respects most.

Ouster, Inc.’s revenue jumped 98.22% since last year same period to 22.21 Mn in the Q3 2023. On a quarterly growth basis, Ouster, Inc. has generated 14.5% jumped in its revenue since last 3 months

Net Profits: Ouster, Inc.’s net profit jumped 2.46% since last year same period to 3-35.1 Mn in the Q3 202. On a quarterly growth basis, Ouster, Inc has generated 71.4% jumped in its net profits since last3-months Net Profit Margins: jumped 50.79%

Income becomes Capital, Capital becomes Wealth.

Wealth is options on Steroids, Imagine the lie becomes the truth until now…

You’ve only dreamed of becoming wealthy, This is beyond your wildest dreams. We don't just pick winners we identify them so we don't just win trades and investments we master them. If we don’t use our minds we will have to use our behinds. Wealth is created in your sleep.

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