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We Are At War... Spend Less and Invest More

Snap out of it. We're talking about that winner's curse. MarketHawks... where we help you get out of the financial hearse.

You thought it was all hype when we gave you CAVA right? Some of you just did’t want to listen. But do you realize that what we gave you is the cheat code to that good ol' Mediterranean kitchen? You need to open your eyes and ears plus start to listen just in case all hell kicks in. The Dow Jones just hit it’s all time high of 40,000. So it's only right for the markets to have a correction. What that means in short is that it’s very important where you are investing. You want companies like CAVA that can handle some turbulence while they're still emerging. Plus, to put it simply, this company is a wealth builder. What is right before your eyes is a little monkey that’s about to go GORILLA.

Your spending rate

outweighs your investing rate

We don’t want to see you get financially punched where the  same people will sell  you the liquor bottle and lock you up for being drunk. What is your financial fate? Everyone else's money is growing at a much faster rate.

When you have low financial self-esteem, you are much more likely to be a victim of a financial scheme. Most of you think that you are winning, but how can you be? Look at all that damn money you are spending! You need to compare this to your dollar cost madness. 

CAVA is "good protection." Just in case this market acts crazy, this is perfect for the lazy investors. (CAVA) price at the time of this writing $78.74

When you're broke it hurts. So what happens if you get sick and you cannot work? You have to have a plan for all seasons that builds you a financial legion. One that will be ready to go to war for you on your economic behalf. We can assure you of one thing, spending all of your damn money is not the path. 

No longer can you afford to be  negligent on your investments

While you are out here spending money with your face in a store, like we mentioned before, everyone else's money is growing at a rate that is faster than yours. While you're out here working and slaving for your money, the financially educated are posted up on a remote beach somewhere where it's nothing but chill vibes and sunny.  

You see, they understand that investing does not come cheap. And that's why they take every step possible to make their money work for them. They literally make money in their sleep! In the meantime, you're spending money to put new shoes on your feet, or maybe even taking on a $1,000 dollar car note on the latest jeep.

Right now, to park your capital at Walmart (WMT) is admirable. It’s a pretty reliable bet plus, they are definitely not bending. Putting money in this company's stock is much better than you recklessly spending. If you fail to heed to what we're saying, at the rate you're going, you're bound to have a nasty fiscal ending.

You better wake up out of that deep financial sleep because in case you haven't realized it yet, the cost of living isn't cheap.

You have money for everything else, but for some reason you're reluctant to invest in yourself. We just want you to protect yourself and move with financial caution, because as we told you last week, those years you missed in investing are already costing! The longer it takes you to start investing, the longer it will take for you to receive your blessings.

(WMT) price at the time of this writing $65.25. Just park your money and be lazy for a while, but still pay attention. Let's see how the story plays out. Given that the Dow hit 40,000, this is a great parking garage.

Here at MarketHawks  we are not trying to impress you. All we want to do is help you to be successful, and in investing, it usually take 3 to 5 years to do so.

What investing does over time

NVIDIA's worth over time

2015 $10,000

2018 $ 183,846

2022 $709,475

2024$ 1,375,930

2028$ 6,800,000

The market may be just about to correct itself and yet you still don’t believe in wealth. You have to get in fast, otherwise you're apt to fall in the lower class. But those that are hip to the game are investing at such a high velocity that they will have a slim chance of ever seeing poverty.

You have to put your dog in the race, otherwise your money is sure to be outpaced. Remember, while you're out here spending, others are investing. You can never catch up unless you get started.

MarketHawks… where we stalk the market

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