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We Have to Stop Being Uncovered, Unbanked, Uninvested and Unbudgeted

You can’t fake or escape it. The truth of the matter is that some of us are out here swimming against the current naked. But place your bets because there are no rules when the sun sets.

Be careful. The market can play tricks. If you don't believe us, just watch the VIX. When it goes above 17 the market tends to get crazy but don't make the mistake of becoming lazy. "When the VIX is high, it's time to buy." Get your head out of the hex. A key indicator of the power of the VIX is Netflix. If Netflix is able to blow past earnings on Thursday, it will not be hearsay. If this happens, look for the market to move higher. We have to keep you on point, so keep an eye on whether Netflix disappoints. If Netflix misses the mark with earnings, profits are sure to start burning, but nevertheless it's the best time to start earning. It's simple: buy low and sell high. (NFLX) price $613.29.

You have to have a plan for all seasons. That’s why investing should be your number one reason. MarketHawks: This is liquid research where we show you how the world really works. The information we give you is actually factual, and if you pay attention, you can use it to turn your income into capital. Some may say it's magical but it’s not that at all. It’s about understanding the game. It's all about generating capital and knowing where to park it, or having the acumen to read the market. 

It's time to start thinking outside the bubble if you really want to get yourself out of the struggle.

Why do you need to be invested?

The job market will change

And this is not a prank. We have at least 5.9 million people living on the edge, unbanked. 4.5% of U.S households are financially rogue and when finding themselves in deep water, may resort to relying on high-interest payday loans to fill the holes.

“The Great Cost” is coming. 

300 million jobs are predicted to be lost due to AI, but you don't have to worry. You just need to withstand the pressure and become one hell of an investor.

A lot of you should be arrested because 42% of the population is walking around here uninvested. We see you hiding your money underneath your bed. All that tells us is that you haven't heard a damn thing we've said. A dollar that's not moving is a dollar that's losing. You have to make your money work for you. How much more explaining can we do? Keep that money under your bed if you want to, but in this game you're bound to lose!

Have you ever heard of the CBOE volatility index? “WOO Wee!” This is the true emotion of the market and you can feel the stress. When you see the VIX move up it is a real test. Oh boy golly! Some investors are unhappy while others are jolly. When the VIX hits around 17 or 18 investors are buying insurance policies for their investments. The VIX is based off of the S&P 500 Index options which we all should be watching. When it is sitting at 12-15, institutional investors are optimistic as they're anticipating upward movement in the market.

Remember, these large institutional investors are like ocean liners. When the VIX moves up they are looking for market corrections. Nevertheless, they need plenty of time and for the water to change its direction. No matter what you hear, when you see the VIX hit 17 to 20 the market is swimming in fear. They are more than likely buying out options because the market is experiencing a correction. Though better known as puts, they call it "downside protection."

You can make your picks, but you better keep your eyes on the damn VIX. Current: 17.99

The  worst part is that some of you love it. We don’t even want to talk about those operating without a budget.

OppLoan Survey showed that 73% of Americans don’t have a budget that they follow which is, to put it simply, a broken money model. Operating without a budget is nothing but a financial disaster waiting to happen. It leads to overspending on things you don't need and with money you don't have. Or better yet, the likelihood of not being prepared for an emergency or when things really get bad. Spending without a budget can lead to the accrual of unnecessary debt and to be blunt, a headache that Tylenol could never cure and a sh*tload of financial stress.

So think about your own finances and assess whether you're covered. In the event of an emergency or unexpected expense do you have the financial means to come out on the other side without depending on others? If the answer is "no," we encourage you to read this again because being uncovered, unbanked, uninvested and unbudgeted could leave you a** out and looking for a helping hand.

Don't get caught slipping. Take control of your finances, and let your money lead the way so that when the rain pours, it feels like just an ordinary day.

MarketHawks… where we stalk the market

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