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Winners Take All…This is Financial Fentanyl

Updated: Mar 26

When you see Palantir drop below $24 that means it's time to buy more. We told you once before, this company's profits size is galore. But maybe you just did’t hear us though. If our memory serves us correct, we told you about PLTR a year ago. Or could it be that you just haven't figured it out yet? This company is sitting on $2.6 billion dollars and zero dollars in debt. Palantir is a company that does not crack. We gave you PLTR at $7.65; now it’s $24.04. What do you think about that?

So what... you are low on capital. Here is something financially magical; Something that allows you to take your income and turn it into capital. Then once you've restored your financial health, that same capital turns into wealth.

You need a playbook

You have to keep the ball on the court, anything worth having cannot always be bought. Most importantly, always remember that wealth is a team sport. It is your business to understand compound interest. There's a science to becoming stinking, rotten rich.

There's no need to worry. There is plenty left, so stop being stingy with yourself. You already spend a tremendous amount of time being generous with everything else. You buy this, you buy that, you even party at night. But what you really fail to see is that the game is being hidden in broad daylight.

Time value money

Had you invested $10,000 into these stocks 30 years ago today it would be:

$800,296 $NKE Nike

$829,421 $QCOM Qualcomm

$940,068 $AZO AutoZone Inc

How can a person's net worth increase by $10 billion in one day? And that same person didn't do a damn thing? We're sorry. We hate to tell you, but you are playing the wrong game! We told y'all this is Financial Fentanyl. It's all about investing so you better get involved.

Here is something even better: David Tepper

As the world crashed, the man with the brass testicles stood on his convictions and made $7 billion of his profits by betting on Bank America and Citigroup, not to mention he pocketed $2.5 billion for himself (2008).

In 2008, Wall Street thought the banks were dead. While Tepper put in his bid to prosper from the ol' mighty dollar, shares of Bank of America dipped below $3. Citigroup preferred shares dipped below $1. Investors thought the banks would be nationalized. But Tepper stepped in and rationalized the play that hampered investors' thoughts, and ten years later, the Carolina Panthers were bought.

We're all looking for a brighter day with the ideal clear, blue sky and sunny. Please don't ever be mistaken though. There's not a shortage of money.

The Global Equity Market caps as of Q2 2023 $108.6 trillion 

1. US Equity Market $46.2 trillion 42.5%

2. EU Equity Market $12.1 trillion 11.1%

3. China Equity Market $11.5 trillion 10.6%

4. Japan Equity Market $5.8 trillion 5.4%

5. Hong Kong Equity Market $4.3 trillion 4.0%

6. UK Equity Market $3.2 trillion 2.9%

7. Canada Equity Market $3.0 trillion 2.7%

8. Australia Equity Market $1.7 trillion 1.5%

9. Singapore Equity Market $0.6 trillion 0.6%

10. Rest of Developed Markets $10.2 trillion 9.4%

11. Rest of Emerging Markets $10.0 trillion 9.2%

You may not have control over your death, but you ARE responsible for your financial health.  

You don’t have to be a  financial scholar to get rid of your chain-weighted dollar. 

Samsung used to be a grocery store; now a household name in electronics. Lamborghini used to be a tractor; now pushing sports cars, who would have thought it? IKEA used to be a pen; now a multi-national conglomerate. LG used to be a facial cream, how much more sauce do we have to put on it?

Can you see where we're trying to go with this? These companies, now mega-corporations, all started off small. Their beginnings, perhaps more humbling, but their dreams were tall. The only thing that possibly sets them apart from yourself is that they took that initial step on their journey to wealth.

Now it's time to chase your own financial dream

Investing is a science and an art. The journey of thousand miles starts with the first step but you have to have a plan. Walmart, as we now know it today, started with one single man. Are some of you still wondering how? Walmart strategically positioned itself to where 90% of the US population is located within 10 miles.

Poverty is a menace.

It's not how you start but how you finish!

So you did’t believe us when we told you that SoundHound AI was hotter than a Covid patient with a fever, or perhaps you thought we just had a hunch? Knock it off and come join the Money-Making Bunch! Did you hear that? We hope you got it. Always remember... patience equals profits. We gave you SOUN at $6.34 and then it soared to $10.25, reaching a new 52 week high. Now it's at $8.12. Investors will always take profits after a stock runs up.

I know you feel the pain of giving away your resources on a faulty deal of unequal exchange, but if you continue on the same path, you'll only have yourself to blame. Don't be fooled; this is not just madness. At MarketHawks we remind you that the economy is infinite and lavish. So please, never be bothered. You should always have a red beam on your financial target. 

It's not about what you're going through. It's all about what you're going to DO! You may not have a clue, but do you really understand what just 10 millionaires can do? Remember, now in 2024, the Global Stock Market is worth $109 trillion, and America has 24.5 millionaires in a population of 330 million.

This is called the “Blessing Plan.” Don't be a selfish son of a bit-h. All your kids deserve to be rich.

MarketHawks... where we stalk the market

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