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Our Top Weekly Picks

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Sucker punch your fears and purge your beliefs, some of the greatest investors suffer from anxiety and grief. The greater portion of Society is looking for financial relief

Ask yourself a question.

Do you have what it takes to ride an investment to 3000 percent?

Have you ever done it before? Well without gutts there is no glory. If you have done it than you have been apart of a real profit story.

You have to have financial endurance,if you want bullet proof insurance that future is set and all your needs will be met. If I were you I would make this company apart of your financial plan.

1. Freeport-McMoran

Is a Mining company based in Phoenix Arizona ticker (FXC)

they operate through geographical assets. Molybdenum copper, and gold it's the larges producer or Molybdenum and they also operate the world largest gold mine.

Cash Equivalents 6.8 billion, Revenue 5.3 billion, Net income 1 billion.

The demand for Copper in 2022 is 25 million tons, it is predicted to double by 2035, this will be very profitable for (Freeport-McMoRan). They are Killing the Molybdenum market operating cash flow 375 million EBITDA 400 milllion. This company is a good buy.

Remember you can never get rich or wealthy working for money, your money has to work for you.


The bigger the struggle the greater the peace afterwards. When your money is working for you it puts your financial woes to ease.

This is volcano hot money moves and it never stops . How do you apply capital in small doses to make large gains?

It's summer time and allergies make your eyes itch, however it is true we all want to be stinking rotten rich.

The story gets better this bellwether is very clever, or in truth more like a silver back gorilla that has delivered 10 thousand pounds of pressure on its competitors.

The more aggressive you are the more successful you will be.

Did you hear about the 200 hundred billion dollar rally after Ford and GM signed a partnership with Tesla to use their charge station?

That charge station will add another 3 billion to it's bottom line.

Tesla ticker (TSLA) reported 23.3 billion in revenue Q1 down 300 million from Wall Street expectation but did meet earning expectations. Tesla still has a strong hold on the industry retaining a 19.3% on gross margins.

Revenue grew 24%. Operating income decreased to 2.7 billion in Q1, resulting in a 11.4%. Net income 2.51 billion, down about 24% from past year

Cash equivalents and investments rose by 217 million reaching a total 22.4 billion

Free Cash Flow of 441 million.

Tesla is a sure thing, let's change our pass financial issues, an start practicing financial jujutsu. Do not be fooled, AI is the new software, and Tesla is heavily invested in both.

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