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Our Top Weekly Picks

It would be sad if you miss out on your own Christmas. Welcome to Market Hawks where we teach financial fitness.

Do you owe money? Are you underpaid?

You have to change your old habits, a lot of times it's you against yourself.

If you don't heal your financial wounds you will bleed on everyone else.

The stock market is not where they honor emotions. You have to be in it for a minute.

How can you own a pair of Crocs and not own the stock?

Crocs Brand grew 19.0% They raised revenue growth outlook to now 11% to14 resulting in revenues of approximately 4.0 billion, Consolidated revenues of 884.2 million increased by 33.9 Diluted earnings per share of 2.39 increased 100.8 as compared to the same period last year. Cash 125.7 million as of March 31, 2022

Investing still takes different personalities, you have the guts to pull the trigger.

The only thing wrong with money is not having enough of it.

We always tell people you have to understand how money flows and where it goes.

You may just not get it.

How do you get rich without working? You have to be liquid and allocate capital to the stock market every chance you get.

July has been the earth's hottest month in 120,000 thousand years. We gave you DraftKings before but you didn't care.

Yes, life comes with a lot of losses, but nevertheless opportunity costs.

You have to learn how to make money with your mind and not your behind.

The body can only take a certain amount of toil before it starts to break down.

We gave you DraftKings at 25.60 it shot up to 33.00 then it had a minor correction and you should of be taking advantage of the sell-off.

Please don't let Penn Entertainment's partnership with Disney Co's scare you.

We may be wrong at times but we are never doubt.

You have to put your money into an asset and watch it appreciate.

The world just may be cruel, nevertheless, DraftKings just overtook FanDuel for the top revenue spot in New York a 10.7% improvement

DraftKings may be ahead of schedule and now anticipates breaking even on an adjusted EBITDA guidance doing better than analysts' estimates of a loss of 261 million. The company also generated revenue of $770 million, an increase of 84% from the same period in 2022, beating analysts' expectations for revenue of $705 million. Most importantly Football season is starting. So we're looking for DraftKings to run steaming hot like the boiling river in Peru.

You have to be able to think 60,000 thousand feet above everyone else. Wealth is always far but so close, in order to reach out and grab it you have to create good habits.

Like investing on consistent bases. We don't want to hear how much you spent, your dollars have to make economic sense.

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