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Our Top Weekly Picks July 19th


Dear Frustrated investor, no one gets the fairy tail the way they imagine.

So please stop asking if will you get rich overnight.

Even money has a curfew. You may not believe it, money will always end up in the hands of the people who know how to treat it.

You have to invest your money, do and repeat it. You build wealth in your sleep, it's a science, take notes, trust & believe that it will stop you from losing your coat.

The 64 million dollar question? How do you offset your 40-hour work week and make money in your sleep?

Baidu had a sizable net cash position of over $15 billion as of the end of Q1 2023, accounting for over a third of the company's market current market cap. Revenue rose 48%to RMB 5.727 billion (834 million). Baidu's digital advertising business saw revenue rose by 6% compared to last year. This stock was at $123 in June 2023 it's at 149.21 right now. According to the latest long-term forecast, Baidu will hit $200 by the middle of 2025 and then $250 by the end of 2026. At Market Hawks, we are looking for $165 within the next 3 months.

What will take you from your most stressful life to your best life?

If you missed out on the last rally, this opportunity could make you feel better about it... In fact, it's better than that... it's your rare opportunity to own what could be one of the most important companies of the AI gold rush.


2. Cava

While you are sending text messages typing emojis, please don't fall asleep and miss the next Chipotle. 2017 Chipotle stock was down 23.8% for the year at 289.03. Right now the stock is at $2,055.98 which is a staggering 611.34% as you read this.

Hard things become easy after you figure them out, you either die tasting your tears or live facing your fears.

Investing scares the hell out of people.

Who wants to give away their favorite thing? And it's not what you think, boy O boy the power of the dollar.

We all want to hear about a potential Moneymaker On a Massive Scale.

Yeah, you got it, this conversation is about pure profits.

Market Cap $5.413 Billion Revenue 608. earning growth rate 11.8% EPS 42.3% Same-store sales soared 28.4% in the first quarter Its 3.7 million loyalty members accounted for one-quarter of those sales, according to the filings.

The company has 263 locations as of April 16 and plans to open 34 - 44 new units by the end of the year. 80% of its locations are in suburban areas. It anticipates by 2032, it could have 1000 locations.

At MarketHawks if we can't help you win then why be your friend? You can't spend your whole life working for money, your money has to work for you. Deep down inside we all want to be stinking rotten rich. Why because life is a B**ch, money is not everything but it sure does help. Who doesn't need health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, House insurance? Having money is a major influence. Opportunity Cost and don't miss the chance to be your own Boss. Cava is the future.

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1 commentaire

Erin Miles
Erin Miles
19 juil. 2023

The market is about to rebalance on Monday the 24th, growths stock will continue to grow with low p/e's, but should we consider research "Value stocks"

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