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Our Top Weekly Picks

In Massachusetts, it's Illegal to Scare a Pigeon, if you ask us, investing should be treated like your religion. You show up every Friday or Sunday whichever day is your holy day.

It's the financial way to freedom.

Let's not forget that prices are still rising 17% more.

You need 17% more cash to do everything you used to do back in 2020.

In other words, you need more money.

There's no need to measure your misery, this is where we change your financial history.

The good things in life come from where you least expect it.

We gave you Palantir but you didn't believe us. If you bought it then great.

Third-quarter forecast exceeded estimate, acceleration in revenue growth. The company has bumped up full-year guidance 13% increase in second-quarter revenue. 28 million, or 1 cent per share, in net income, compared with a net loss of $179 million. The third quarter revenue was between $553 million to $557 million ahead of $552 million the analysts expected. Full-year revenue over 2.2 billion. The board approved a buyback program for the first time, with a capacity of up to $ 1 billion

We gave you PLTR at 10.46 now it's moved about 60%.

How much more evidence do you need?

This company is a sure thing, they continue to make deal after deal.

Deals eventually turn into profits.

The best way to plan ahead is by putting yourself in a position to grab the bull by his horns.

We all want to be financially secure, we hate to call your bluff. How much money have you saved? Not Enough. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

How do you skew the odds in your favor?

In the investment world, you have to open your wallet and keep your heart close.

Most of us shop at Target at least once a week.

Most importantly you have to create a financial target Bulls make money bears make money pigs get slaughtered.

Target earns $299M every day. Target stores often generate close to 9.1B in Revenue in a single month. Earnings per share (EPS) of $1.80, up 357.6 percent from $0.39 in 2022 Target slashed its full-year earnings forecast as the fight rages on for the thrifty shopper. Target also cut full-year sales. Please don’t the backlash of Pride Week fool you. As of April 2023, Target has $1.32B in cash on hand. Yes, Target does expect comparable sales to decline by single digits for a full fiscal year plus the second half of the year including rising interest rates, and the return of student loan payments this fall elevated prices of everyday items.

Look, you are getting a high-quality company for a discount you have to know when to buy these companies and you don't want to buy them at the highest price.

Buy on the bad news and hold it for a while.

Patience creates profits in this world of investment, it can change your life.

Sometimes when the markets get funny, you just need a safe place to park your money.

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