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Our Top Weekly Picks

1. Lululemon

Your present choice dictates your future happiness, the grass may be green and the sky just might be sunny nevertheless, there is no shortage of money.

Bank of America reported the week to Wednesday, June 16, 2023 investors poured 22.3 billion into stocks alone.

Knowledge is power at Market Hawks where we teach how to sucker punch the market and walk away with a fist full of dollars.

For some, life is a struggle and for others, it's just a process.

When your money starts to work for you it becomes a process you can't live forever but you can damn sure try. This company is a for sure buy. How does the small investor make money on Wall Street when they are sleeping?

The Luminary of Yoga Lululemon

Earnings jumped nearly 31% to 4.40 a share. Revenue popped 30% to $2.8 billion. Both slightly accelerated from the prior quarter. Gross margins slid 70 basis points to 57.4% Inventories were up 50% vs. a year earlier to $1.4 billion. That's after Q3 inventories leaped 85% to $1.7 billion Outstanding 0% debt-to-equity ratio.

earnings growth of 35% over the last three years.

We don't see this fine-tuned money-making machine Lululemon ticker (LuLu) slowing down any time soon, this company will continue to boom. It's a great stock to own!

2. Chewy Inc

Too many losses will make anyone feel incomplete, never play any game that you can't complete. How does the small investor make money on Wall Street? Luck is one in a million.

How do you apply capital in small doses and make large gains?

You might have had some financial issues, Market Hawks the common denominator we teach you how to do financial jujutsu.

We solve your hardest problems, you can never get rich or wealthy working for money, your money has to work for you!

This company is an e-commerce company geared towards pets, products, and services for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small pets, horses, and reptiles.

"It's high-touch" customer service model is 24/7 which sets it apart from the competition. It also allows pet owners to connect with licensed vets for free.

Net sales of 2.78 billion improved 14.7 percent year over year

Gross margin of 28.4 percent expanded 90 basis points year over year

Net income of $22.2 million, including share-based compensation expense and related taxes of $53.8 million

A net margin of 0.8 percent remained flat year over year.

EBITDA margin of 4.0 percent expanded 150 basis points year over year Adjusted net income of 87.2 million, an increase of 41.6 million year over year

The company is well-positioned to weather a recession if things get ugly. More than 70% of its sales come from steady, repeated orders. Chewy ticker ( CHWY)

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