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In order to understand how money flows and works you have to do liquid research.

People always ask how much money should they invest? We tell them only bet what you can afford to lose.

You will never get rich or wealthy working for money, it has to work for you. Money never sleeps and markets never stop. Let us tell you about a stock.

This company is B2B software company, which consist of 3 products Gotham, Foundry, and other.

1. Foundry

2. Gotham

3. Other

Foundry produces 236 million in revenue per quarter, U.S client growth is 50% per year.

U.S revenues are growing at 26% per year. The average top 20 clients are paying 50 million dollars per year to use this software.

This company is responsible for speeding up Airbus production time by 33%. They have clients in 50 different industries.

Their customer bases grew from 103 to 155 and they reported net income of 17 million. In the letter to shareholders the company expects to remain profitable each quarter through the end of the year.

You might want to make a profitable decision and buy Palantir. We owned this stock since Jan 24 2023. Plus we are buying more!

Wallstreet traders, analysts, brokers...even hedge fund managers understand why we have made this decision.

Do not let the day go by, this is your chance to get involved with AI.


It's so many things we don't know & never even had clue, but here is something even more interesting than you.

This company has lived through some amazing times.

If you get a chance you just might want to buy it, this company does not need a blue check to be Verify.

They have already unleashed a tidal wave of wealth. You have seen this brand a million times.

This company is number 2 in EV sales in America, yes when some people get their blood taken they do faint, but this company is safer than your bank.

They ended the first quarter with 29 billion in cash and more than 46 billion in liquidity.

Quarterly revenue rises 20% year-over-year to 41.5 billion; 1.8 billion in net income compares to year-ago net loss of 3.1 billion adjusted EBIT of 3.4 billion was 45% higher.

You can never have large amounts of money until your money starts to works for you.

They say that the pen is much mightier than the sword, you just might want to buy some Ford. Today's world is much different, you have to spend less, earn more and invest more just to save you some big daddy green power.

Please do not take that financial trip down south working just to pay for a luxury car and a big house?

Here is what we are going to do become financially fit and invest more in you.

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